Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kiss My Face

Oh, I could go on forever about Kiss My Face products.  I bought the 'Miss Treated' shampoo and conditioner about a month ago.  My hair is terribly dry and coarse, even though I don't really use a lot of hair product and was getting desperate for something fantastic that smelled good, didn't cost a fortune and worked. So I paid 8$ and bought it.
Love, love, love! It smells good, the shampoo doesn't suds up - so don't be surprised, and it rinsed squeaky clean. The conditioner came out thick but rinsed out completely. Love it. Love that they don't test on animals and love that they don't use weird petroleum products.
Have just purchased their body wash and am anxious to try it. It's Thyme and Cinnamon. Yum!


  1. Where can you buy this??

  2. You can buy it in the organic section at Loblaws. Shopper's Drug Mart has it too. They have three different kinds of shampoo and conditioner and I think they all rock!