Thursday, March 19, 2015


Off in the distance...

 One of many creeks on the property...

Blarney Stone?

The boys fighting in front of Gandalf the White (it's a white pine. get it?)

Getting the mail...

This is Bertha. She's a Manitoba Maple.

It's easy to take daily walks when you have so much gorgeous, wildness around you...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vegetable Plants for Sale

So...I have counted up all of my seed packets to plant this year and I have 75 different varieties of vegetables/herbs/perennials/annuals.  I think I'm planting about half of those this weekend, as part of the "plant 6-8 weeks" before last frost, and I figure it's ok if the plants are a bigger when I plant them outside.  I have made space in my pantry, right by the window, for a large-ish indoor greenhouse thingy, and then I have a large, metal shelf in the laundry room fitted with plant lights.  And when it gets warmer outside, I have a walk-in greenhouse that I can set up outside right up against my south-facing wall.
While hubby and I discuss our various dreams for Pemberley, we definitely want to eventually sell our produce/herbs at a Farmer's Market, or set up a co-op.  And of course donate 10% of our harvest to worthwhile food banks/neighbours etc.  But I'm thinking that I can also sell vegetable plants as well.  Seeing as how I have 75 different varieties, and all of them are organic, heirloom seeds, which will be grown in an organic manner - with organic fertilizer and manure/compost tea.

Therefore, I am going to take orders for plants. I grow them, you buy them. If the crop fails me, you don't owe me a dollar.  These plants should be available by planting time, mid-May.  There is a very good possibility that I can even drop them off to you!  Feel free to contact me and let me know what you'd be interested in.  And I shall do my best to provide the best that I can grow.

by the way, I feel very awkward trying to hawk my wares and I'd rather just give them all away, but then I can't afford to buy more seeds and organic fertilizer soooo...

What I'm Cultivating to Sell as Plants:

-Craig's Grande Jalapeno - big, fat jalapeno for making salsa. thick, flavourful, hot flesh
-Purple Jalapeno - large pepper that turns deep purple before maturing to red
-Pasilla Bajio - mild-sweet-hot, fruit is dark green, turning brown as it ripens. Used in 'mole'.
-Sweet Chocolate - cola-red colour, sweet, medium-sized, ripens early

- Grande Rio Verde - yields apple-green fruit, medium-sized, no staking required
- Purple - large purple/violet fruit, sweeter than green, very rare

-Black Cherry - look like large, dusky purple grapes, high yield
-Gypsy - purplest, maroon tomato, medium-sized globe fruit, from Russia
-Mortgage Lifter - large, smooth, 1 pound fruit, sweet, from Virginia 1940's
-Bonny Best - famous canning tomato, medium-sized, meaty fruit
-Purple Bumblebee - little cherries with lime green and purple stripes, crack-resistant, sweet
-Brandywine - huge, globe-shaped fruit, beautiful
-Sweetie - sweet, cherry-type, high production
-Amish Paste - the ultimate paste, giant, blocky, Roma-type, perfect for canning and paste, Wisconsin
-Pink Ponderosa - huge-sized, some over 2lbs, meaty pink-red beefsteak, developed in 1891
-Yellow Pear - very sweet, pear-shaped fruit with mild flavour, excellent producer
-Blue Beauty - blue-black shoulders, 8oz fruit, sunburn/crack-resistant
-Chocolate Pear - light red with swirls of shades of green/brown, rich tomato flavour
-A Grappoli D'Iverno - winter grape of Italy, little Roma, fresh or dried

-Rapini - Italian, non-heading, grown for asparagus-like shoots and leaves
-Early Purple Sprouting - purple broccoli sprouts, frost hardy, bred for over-wintering

-Precoce D'Argenteuil - traditional heirloom, blanches white with rose-coloured buds

-Garden Berry Red Wonder - large, elongated, sweet and aromatic, good for containers
-Garden Berry White Soul - white/cream coloured, small, last over a long season

- Glory of Enkhuizen - medium/large hard round heads, keeps well, good producer, good for kraut, from Holland

-Precoce D'Argenteuil - gourmet variety highly esteemed in Europe for delicious stems that can be blanched white with rose-coloured buds. Italian.

-Sage Broad Leaf - 20", gray-green leaves, fragrant
-Cinnamon Basil - spicy flavour, Mexican variety
-Thai Sweet Basil - sweet, spicy, essential in Thai cuisine, slight licorice taste
-Emily Basil - compact version of Genovese, longer-lasting when cut
-Blue Spice Basil - heavy fragrance with spicy vanilla overtones, good for salads

I am growing other things, but I think it'll be sold as produce when the time comes.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these plants, please let me know! I can be reached at:

We also own a tree company. Did you know that?